In a recent interview, the CEO of Delta Air Lines stated that the company intends to offer free Wi-Fi on all flights soon. The legacy airline currently charges $16 per day for Wi-Fi access or a flat rate of $599 per year for unlimited access. The upgrade to free Wi-Fi is part of the ongoing updates being made.

Delta is investing over $4.5 billion into enhancing the customer experience, with a majority of the money dedicated to replacing a third of its fleet with new planes. The airline has one of the oldest fleets of the legacy airlines, with many of its jets nearing the 30-year age mark.

Delta will replace all its MD-88 narrow-body planes with Airbus A321NEO jets. The airline plans to have this transition completed by the end of 2020. Delta expects to have replaced an entire third of their fleet by the end of 2023. The carrier is also pumping $12 billion over the next five years into upgrading its terminals.

During that period, Delta wants to change its Wi-Fi program to a free one for all its passengers. The new complimentary service would be a high-speed service surpassing what is currently offered by the airline. Delta has stated that it hopes to implement this new service within the next two years.

If Delta follows through with the free Wi-Fi service, it will be the second U.S. carrier to offer this benefit. At this time, JetBlue is the only U.S. carrier to offer free Wi-Fi to all of its passengers. It is easy to assume if Delta goes through with its plan to offer free Wi-Fi, the other legacy carriers will quickly follow as well.

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