Delta Air Lines offers a very popular pre-select meal program, and flyers have given the program rave reviews when it was first rolled out in initial markets. Due to its popularity, Delta's onboard pre-select meal program will be extended to Delta One customers worldwide. Starting Thursday, December 6, the pre-select meal program will expand to more than 200 markets across the world.

Those on all inbound and outbound Delta One routes between the U.S. and Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America will enjoy access to the pre-select meal program. The pre-select meal program is also available to Delta One flyers on long-haul flights within the United States, where Delta One is offered.

Those who are eligible will get an email three days prior to their flight. In the email, Delta will ask the passenger to select their first choice meal. For this season, those flying in Delta One will enjoy winter-themed dishes like Chicken Pot Pie with carrots. Other hearty meals include Jon and Vinny's Marinara Braised Meatballs with bianco DiNapoli tomato, garlic bread and Gioia whipped ricotta. There will also be destination-based menus created by Delta's in-house and partner chefs.

To enhance the experience even further, Delta offers curated wines that have been tested and tasted to make sure they taste fabulous at 35,000 feet and that they complement the inflight meals. Flight attendants have also been trained on how to bring the wine tasting experience to life onboard.

Delta is also revamping its Flight Fuel menu for passengers in Main Cabin. Travelers looking for a protein boost can snack on a new Protein Box, which offers 22 grams of protein. Delta is also offering two new healthy options with its Luvo chicken wraps, which are both under 500 calories.

Delta is spending billions of dollars to enhance the overall flying experience for its customers. Some of these include free meals on select coast-to-coast flights, free mobile messaging and inflight entertainment, inflight Wi-Fi access on almost all flights, the addition of sparkling wine and refreshed food-for-purchase options and more.

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