Delta's CEO is making some big promises when it comes to offering connectivity in the sky. The carrier's leader made it clear at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that free Wi-Fi for all is coming. Of course, many industry watchers are waiting to see which carrier will actually be the first to deliver on the promise of free universal Wi-Fi for all passengers. Delta is claiming that it is in a position to reach that goal within a few years. What's more, Delta is working on producing speeds in the air that are just as fast as speeds on the ground.

There's a good chance that Delta will fulfill its promise to offer fast-as-lightning Wi-Fi for all relatively soon. The carrier is working on several tech-heavy projects at the moment. A pilot program called PARALLEL REALITY™ that's set to launch at Detroit Metro Airport in the summer will provide passengers with electronic information regarding their itineraries. Volunteers participating in the program will be able to swipe their boarding passes in order to access personalized messages each time they pass Delta's information screens. Relevant information like lounge details and gate directions will be on display.

Delta is also rolling out a new app that will expand the carrier's entertainment offerings to passengers who have not yet boarded their flights. The app will allow Delta customers to access entertainment from boarding areas. That means that you'll be able to start a movie or television show while you're waiting for your flight. You can then finish the program once you're on the plane.

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