Delta Air Lines has often stated it hopes to bring the world together and make it a more inclusive place. With passengers from every part of the world who speak many different languages, Delta is going to have its staff put badges beside their name tags informing travelers of the different languages that they speak. This move will be beneficial to passengers who may otherwise feel uncomfortable speaking a language that is not their own.

In an effort to continue promoting inclusivity, qualified Delta flight attendants who are proficient in any of the 300+ sign languages around the world will soon add these language badges to their uniform sometime in fall. For those who are deaf or hearing impaired, having someone who can communicate to them through sign language can be exceptionally helpful when traveling.

The launch of this program is being praised by many different organizations representing the deaf and hearing impaired. They have stated that by embracing sign language, Delta is effectively helping to raise awareness for these members of society. The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that over five percent of the entire world's population suffer from some form of hearing loss. This figure may even be a little higher because of those who do not report their condition.

Delta hopes that its effort will inspire other companies to take on the similar strategies in a bid to become more inclusive. Last year, Starbucks opened a café and employs those proficient in sign language in downtown Washington, DC. The coffee shop is located near the only exclusive college for the deaf and hearing impaired.

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