Delta Air Lines is thrilled to present its next-generation inflight entertainment system to its customers, starting with those traveling on the carrier's new A330-900neo aircraft. Not only does the new inflight entertainment system provide a highly personalized, cutting-edge experience, it is also more user-friendly than ever before.

For starters, Delta's new inflight entertainment system features a new and improved touch display that allows passengers to explore content with ease. The enhanced interface offers a more intuitive navigation experience that lets you quickly and easily find what you are looking for. It also lets you explore new offerings while you are at it.

Of course, every seatback screen offers a high-resolution, top-notch viewing experience of Delta's complimentary inflight entertainment content. As a matter of fact, Delta Studio offers plenty of movies (including new releases), documentaries, TV shows, ad-free podcasts, LinkedIn Learning courses taught by expert instructors, and more.

It is noteworthy that Delta's A330-900neo features brilliant oversized screens regardless of which cabin you are flying in. Delta One passengers can enjoy 18.5" screens, Delta Comfort+ passengers can enjoy 13.3" screens, while Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin passengers can enjoy 10.1" screens. For Delta frequent flyers, you may be happy to know the seatback screens in the Delta Premium Select and Delta One cabins aboard the new A330-900neo aircraft are the biggest in Delta's fleet.

Thoughtful touches are peppered throughout the Atlanta-based legacy carrier's next-generation inflight entertainment system, too. For example, passengers can utilize the smart display that compares your remaining flight time with the time left in a program or movie, making it easier for you to pick your choice of content at a glance. There is absolutely no need for you to navigate away from your current screen.

Techy extras have also been added to let customers engage with the world around you on a deeper level. For those who are wondering, the wholly revamped flight tracker actually incorporates real-time data from the flight deck.

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