The visa application process can be time-consuming and costly, to the point where some travelers plan their trips around visa-free destinations. However, policies change, and Americans can now visit Argentina, Brazil and Sri Lanka without having to spend extra money on visas or entry fees.

Argentina: Previously, citizens of the United States had to pay a $160 reciprocal fee to enter this vast South American country. The Argentinean government charged the fee because the United States charges citizens of Argentina a fee to enter the country. In a bid to increase tourism, in March of 2016, Argentina removed this fee, and now, Americans can visit the country without having to pay. This means that travelers can visit great cities like Buenos Aires and Mendoza, which is in one of the best wine regions in the world, all without paying extra as long as you are visiting for 90 days or less.

Brazil: Getting a visa for Brazil used to be more complicated. Unlike with Argentina, where Americans would simply have to pay a fee, those looking to go to Brazil had to book an appointment with the embassy or consultant, show travel plans and proof of funds and hope the visa was approved. However, now, Americans can visit Brazil for up to 90 days without any need of a visa. Canadians, Japanese and Australians can now also visit this South American country without a visa, too.

Sri Lanka: In an effort to boost tourism to this unique country in South Asia, Sri Lanka is, temporarily waiving the visa fee, which can cost between $20-40, depending on your nationality. Now, Americans can get a visa on arrival, which is free-of-charge. But, if you want to go, you should do so soon as the government has just launched the free visa on arrival facility on August 1 for a 6-month period, and it's not guaranteed that it will be extended. If you go to Sri Lanka, you will find ancient ruins, unspoiled beaches and diverse Sri Lankan cuisine.

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