Disney Cruise Line has finally revealed the name of its newest cruise ship and newest Caribbean destination. The official announcement came at the D23 Expo and included renderings of the newest ship's interior.

The Disney Wish will be the fifth Disney Cruise Line ship and will officially set sail in January 2022. The new ship will feature a three-story atrium and many other unique features. Of course, those who love to sail Disney Cruises will find many of the common features on the ship as well.

The Disney Wish will feature Rapunzel on its stern. Each Disney vessel has one of Disney's beloved characters painted on the stern. Disney chose Rapunzel for this ship because of her outgoing personality and desire to explore the world.

The Disney Wish will cruise the Caribbean and will stop at Disney's latest acquisition, Lighthouse Point in the Bahamas. Construction at Lighthouse Point will begin after environmental assessments are completed and approved by the Bahamian government. This should take place sometime in 2020.

The new Disney Wish will run on liquid natural gas. This will allow the ship to be efficient while having fewer impact on the environment altogether. The cruise line has also stated that it is working very closely with the Bahamas to minimize environmental impact at the Lighthouse Point site.

Disney Cruise Line has made it clear the site will be developed in a sustainable and responsible manner. The cruise line showed its commitment by signing an agreement with the Bahamian government. The cruise line has agreed to only develop a small portion of the property and to contribute to environmental causes in and around the Bahamas to protect the reefs and the overall environment in the region.

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