Disney is anticipating high demand for its new Star Wars-themed attractions and has changed their launch dates to accommodate guests. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will now open ahead of schedule at the Disneyland park in California. The new launch date is May 31, 2019.

The California opening will be followed by an opening at the Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida on August 29, 2019. Both of these opening dates are ahead of schedule.

Disney has stated that this is Phase One of the Star Wars attraction. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the second phase of the attraction, will open at both parks later in the year.

Due to anticipated high demand, Disney requires that all guests who visit the theme park between May 31 and June 23 make a reservation for access to the Star Wars attraction in California. Reservations can be made on the Disneyland website. The reservation system will launch soon.

Guests staying at one of the Disneyland resorts will automatically be assigned a reservation time for the Star Wars adventure. This reservation will include all registered guests. Guests will be required to purchase park admission to access the Star Wars attraction.

Disney has worked closely with Lucasfilm to create a realistic Star Wars experience. Everything from the attractions to the types of foods being served within that area are Star Wars-themed. Visitors can even build an android at one of the shops before leaving for other areas of the theme park.

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