In 2016, the Disney Wonder underwent a major overhaul and received a huge taste of New Orleans. It must have been a hit as the cruise line will be adding even more Big Easy flair to the Disney Wonder.

Currently, the ship offers Tiana's Place Restaurant in the New Orleans-themed French Quarter. The restaurant has plenty of New Orleans flair to it, including plenty of artwork. To complement the restaurant, Disney is going to add the New Orleans-themed French Quarter Lounge, which is the perfect place to have a drink or two before or after dinner at Tiana's Place Restaurant. At the lounge, you'll be able to enjoy live music on a gazebo stage, all while enjoying specialty drinks.

The Disney Wonder will also get a new space for teenagers. Vibe, which is the on-board club for those between 14-17, will get a coffee bar and improved virtual reality technology. The space will also get a bright redesign, along with industrial metal work and a light color palette.

Adults aren't left out, of course. The Cove Café will also get a new look. Disney is aiming to make it feel like a coffee shop that also offers mixed drinks and wine, as well as snacks in the evening. The Cove Café will offer a warm and comfortable atmosphere, with trendy décor.

While the cruise line didn't offer any specifics, it is also planning to transform the Signals Bar with a similar look as the Cove Café.

If you want to see the upgraded ship, you don't have to wait long. The new enhancements will debut on the Disney Wonder when it sails from Vancouver to San Diego on September 30. However, the Disney Wonder has plenty of itineraries to choose from. Throughout the year, it cruises to Alaska, the Mexican Riviera, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

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