Walt Disney World has increased its ticket prices once again. Just a few months ago, the theme park announced that it would have varying ticket prices depending on the demand and the season. Ticket prices would range between $109 and $129 for regular one-day admission and $164 and $184 for one-day park hopper tickets. Now, as the park is about to launch its new Star Wars themed attractions, the theme park has increased prices yet again.

The new prices for a one-day park admission will range between $109 and $159, and one-day park hopper tickets will range between $169 and $219. Looking at the Disney calendar, the highest prices are found during Christmas vacation time and around other school holidays.

Florida residents will also see a price increase for their tickets. Residents will now pay the sliding scale prices as well, and tickets will average between $139 and $189, depending on the time of year they visit.

The 3-day Discover Disney pass is currently available to Florida residents for $175 and will allow residents to enjoy one park per day. For an additional $20, an extra day can be added to this ticket. Residents, however, will have to use the tickets by June 30th of this year. Keep in mind the offer is available now through June 27th.

Disney has not stated why it has increased prices again so soon. Usually, the theme park limits its increases to once a year or less.

For those who have already purchased tickets to the park for future visits, the price will remain the same. This price increase is in effect for all new purchases and is effective immediately.

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