Disneyland Resort will offer a new yearly Disney Flex Passport starting on the 21st of May. The new pass will allow guests to reserve their entrance to the Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure park on high volume days and visit the parks without notice on 'good to go days'. The Disney Flex Passport has very limited blackout dates.

The new Disney Flex Passport will cost $599 per year. Those who hold the new annual passport can also enjoy dining and merchandise discounts. California residents will have the option of putting their passport on a monthly payment plan. Guests of the theme parks who purchase a one-day admission and then later decide to purchase a pass can apply the cost of their entrance fee to the Passport price.

The new reservation system is part of the enhanced Disney experience. Demand for entrance into the parks has been continually climbing in the last few years. Now, with the launch of the new Star Wars themed attraction, Disney needed to find a way to help their pass holders get entrance into the parks when they desired.

The new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge portion of the park is the largest expansion that the park has ever made. The new 14-acre park has already seen such high demand from visitors that the park has had to make these changes to make sure that everyone who wants to visit Disneyland has the opportunity.

Demand for entrance into Disneyland and Disney World are anticipated to be very high this year as both parks launch the highly anticipated Star Wars experiences. Guests without passes are encouraged to pre-purchase their tickets at the parks very early in the day so that they can gain entrance. Disney has stated it will resort to turning away guests when capacity numbers are reached for safety reasons.

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