Disneyland Paris is running an online special that all adults can truly appreciate. Starting immediately and running through September 29th, adults can purchase tickets to Disneyland Paris for the price of a child's ticket. This is a savings of around $37 per adult.

The Paris theme park has remained a popular destination in Paris. Last year, Disneyland Paris had over 15 million visitors. This year, the park anticipates that figure to increase.

The new promotion is available online only. If an adult purchases a ticket at the gate, it will be at full price. Tickets purchased online are valid the very next day at the theme park and remain valid until September 30, 2019.

Disney will allow up to six adult tickets to be purchased at this discounted price per transaction. The cost of children's tickets will remain the same. Children three and under can enter the park for free.

Adults always say that Disneyland is for children. However, most adults have to admit that going to Disney is exciting. The rides are fun and bring back memories, and who doesn't want to have their picture taken with their favorite Disney character, regardless of their age? Plus, walking around Disneyland is magical and something that anyone at any age can enjoy.

This discounted pricing will apply to all one-day Disney tickets, including the Magic and Super Magic tickets. Keep in mind the special tickets are not refundable. Also, some restriction dates may apply depending on the ticket you hold.

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