Getting a solid rewards-earning credit card is just part of the equation when it comes to maximizing the return on your spending and purchases. If your aim is to milk the most rewards out of your rewards credit card, you need to play your cards right. Rewards credit cards typically let you earn rewards on practically every purchase you make, with some also letting you enjoy accelerated rewards-earning rates on certain categories. Every card is different, so check your credit card to find out what your rewards credit card has to offer.

Regardless of the rewards credit card you hold, you would want to use your credit card to make purchases as much as possible to rack up rewards on the regular, no matter if your rewards are awarded in the form of rewards points, miles or even cash back.

An easy way to go about doing this is to use your rewards credit card even when you are paying for everyday purchases like gas, groceries, dining, cell phone bills etc. Your spending, hence earned rewards, will accumulate quicker than you know it. Just make sure you pay off all your credit card bills in full at the end of their billing cycle!

It is incredibly important that you always make it a point to avoid carrying any balance on your card if you want to truly make your rewards count. By paying your credit card bills in full punctually every month, you avoid interest charges and late fees, penalty APRs etc altogether.

Also, it pays to check if your credit card company offers a dedicated online shopping portal that cardmembers can use to earn even more rewards when they shop through said online shopping portal. Tip: If you use AdBlock like I do, be sure to disable it when you are shopping through the dedicated online shopping portals.

Want an example? Shop Through Chase® is available to cardmembers with credit cards that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards; shopping through the portal is an easy way to earn bonus points without much additional effort. Barclaycard RewardsBoost is another online shopping portal that has hundreds of online retail store partners where you can shop and earn extra rewards with zero extra effort. Amex Offers is also designed to reward cardmembers at places you like to shop from, dine at, travel and more.

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