Dream Cruises will unveil Space Cruiser, the world's longest roller coaster at sea in 2021. This will be on board the Global Dream, which is currently being constructed in Germany and is scheduled to launch in early 2021.

The Space Cruiser will certainly be fun and unique. Its track stretches 984 feet and the exhilarating ride offers speeds of up to 37 mph, over the heads of fellow passengers on the ship. The roller coaster has been designed defy limits - it will allow for an acceleration of more than 1g everywhere on the roller coaster track.

To make things even more thrilling for the daredevils, Dream Cruises wants you to try your hand at driving the roller coaster to get a taste of 'flying over the sea'. The interactive experience is a wonderful feature that gives riders the liberty to control the speed of their ride via the integrated throttle. Up to two riders per vehicle can enjoy the interactive driving experience.

The Space Cruiser will be just one of many fun rides at the Dream Park at the Pier, a theme park concept that aims to push the envelope of both entertainment and leisure facilities available on a cruise ship. Cruise passengers looking for unique experiences are in for a treat.

There will be an onboard surf simulator, called Wipe Out, where guests can test their surf skills. Younger travelers will enjoy Little Dreamers Ride, where they can ride safely in mini carts and hone their driving skills. That's not all. A trampoline park, Jump, will allow cruisers to have fun and work up a sweat. There will be other attractions as well and something for everyone.

On top of all the fun things we've mentioned above, Dream Cruises has revealed that the cruise ship will also offer Asian and Western spas, plenty of shopping and food from all over the world and even a Cineplex.

If you want to experience everything that the Global Dream has to offer, you will have to go to Asia. The Global Dream will sail out of Asia, though specific routes haven't been released just yet.

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