You might want to reserve a few extra dollars for your travel budget if you're headed to Edinburgh. The City of Edinburgh Council wants to slap visitors with a £2 tourism fee for every night they spend in the city. A survey of Edinburgh's residents found that 85 percent of people were strongly in favor of a new tourist tax. In addition, about half of the accommodation providers in the Scottish city also support the new tax.

The good news is that £2 isn't a huge sum to pay to enjoy Edinburgh. However, the total amount that each visitor will ultimately pay will depend on just how long they stay in the city. The current proposal calls for a charge of £2 per room for every night of a visit. All forms of accommodation will be subject to the new tax. That includes traditional hotel rooms and short-term rentals. Officials in Edinburgh are optimistic about the idea that the new tax could help the city to raise up to £14.6 million per year.

Edinburgh isn't alone in exploring the option of introducing a tourism tax. Many cities and tourism destinations around the world have been introducing special tourism fees lately. These fees are intended to help counteract the impact of overtourism and provide local governments with funding for cleanup efforts and infrastructure improvements. Venice recently introduced a new tourist tax that targets day visitors. The city already charges a per-night stay fee to guests who sleep at hotels. Japan also recently introduced a new tourism tax that is charged whenever visitors depart by plane or boat.

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