In July, Emirates announced that it would finally be able to launch flights to Mexico City from Dubai, via Barcelona. This was a big victory for the airline who wanted to launch the route for a long time. However, Aeroméxico made a legal challenge to the new route, and a Mexican judge has put Emirates' new service into limbo with his ruling.

The governments of Mexico and the UAE previously signed a bilateral air services agreement, but a judge just ruled in favor of Aeroméxico, which overturns the agreement signed. Flights have been on sale since July. While the recent development has put a huge dent in Emirates' plan, the Dubai-based airline is still confident that it will be able to launch the daily service on December 9.

Emirates had been wanting to launch flights to the Mexican capital for years now. The roadblock was that flights Between Dubai and Mexico City aren't possible, due to the high altitude of Mexico City. The workaround that Emirates came up with was to operate the route with a stop in Barcelona, in both directions. This route would certainly benefit those looking to travel to and from Barcelona as there is no year-round, daily, non-stop flight between Mexico City and Barcelona at this time.

Aeroméxico requested the Mexican government to reverse the decision that allowed Emirates to operate the route. Aeroméxico claimed that it would be hard to remain competitive on the route, given that Emirates is highly subsidized by the UAE government. Aeroméxico operates flights between Mexico and Barcelona.

Emirates plans to appeal and is confident that it will still launch the route in December. The Minister of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, as well as the Mexican Civil Aviation Authority, are supportive of the highly-anticipated launch of the route. Some compromise may be reached to allow the route to launch on time.

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