Emirates and Mexico-based Interjet Airlines just signed off on an enhanced agreement. With this new agreement, flyers traveling between Mexico, the Gulf and the Middle East and beyond will see new routes and destinations opened up.

With a single ticket, passengers on Emirates will now be able to connect seamlessly, through Mexico City, via Interjet flights to 12 destinations in Mexico including Cancun, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana and a host of others. With the enhanced agreement with Interjet, Emirates' flyers can also access 15 international destinations in the region. At the same time, Interjet Airlines' flyers can travel easily to Emirates' destinations in Spain, the Far East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Previously, the airlines signed a one-way agreement. With the agreement, Emirates passengers could travel to Mexico City via Interjet from 12 U.S. gateway cities. The new agreement will work both ways, and customers of both airlines will be able to enjoy a seamless experience, where they won't have to check in again or transfer their baggage between flights.

Interjet is Mexico's third-largest airline, only behind Aeroméxico and Volaris. However, Interjet is growing quickly and is one of the fastest-growing carriers in all of North America. Emirates is making a big push into Mexico and just started offering flights between Dubai and Mexico City, with a stopover in Barcelona in both directions.

According to Emirates, while the carriers are happy with their latest collaboration, Emirates and Interjet Airlines hope to further expand their partnership. Though, at this time, no specifics have been given.

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