Emirates has wanted to fly to Mexico City for a long time and has made a huge effort to make the Dubai-Mexico route a reality. In July, the airline finally announced that it would fly to Mexico City from Dubai, with a stopover in Barcelona in each direction. However, last month, a federal judge in Mexico blocked the route. This ruling put the route in limbo, but Emirates is celebrating now: The attempted blocking of the route has been overturned, and the flight will start, as originally planned, on December 9 of this year.

Aeromexico has long fought against the new route, claiming that Mexicans would lose jobs as a result of the flight. Aeromexico CEO Andres Conesa also claimed Emirates poses a threat to the airline as Emirates is a state-owned business and can run routes at a loss, thus hurting other airlines in Mexico.

While Aeromexico has been against the route all along, those in the tourism industry, along with Mexico's Civil Aviation Authority, have expressed support for the new route. Travelers from the Middle East or Spain who want to go to South America should also love the new route as many South American destinations are easy to get to from Mexico City via a nonstop flight.

The flight from Dubai, EK255, will leave at 3:30am and arrive in Barcelona at 8:00am. It will then head to Mexico City at 9:55am and arrive at 4:15pm, the same day. The return flight, EK256, will leave Mexico City at 7:40pm and arrive in Barcelona at 1:25pm, the following day. The onward flight to Dubai will leave Barcelona at 3:10pm and arrive the following day at 12:45am.

One huge advantage of this Emirates service is the stopover in Barcelona. Flyers will be able to stopover in Barcelona on their way to or from Mexico City, and those who want to just fly to Barcelona from Dubai or Mexico City can easily do so as well.

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