Major airlines like American, Delta and United now all have basic economy fares. However, Emirates is the first major airline to take it a step further with a basic Business Class fare.

With the basic Business Class fare, travelers won't get everything. They won't be driven by Emirates chauffeurs, they won't be able to choose their seat before check-in opens , travelers won't earn bonus miles and they won't have the option to upgrade to Emirates' very luxurious First Class using miles. Furthermore, unless the traveler has elite status, he or she won't be able to access the lounge. Regular Business Class passengers, even those who upgrade using miles, enjoy free lounge access.

The airline has been thinking about offering the new fare class for a few years now. It finally made the decision after reviewing the preferences of its customers. This move should be a popular one for those who don't need all the benefits that come with flying Business Class but still want to be comfortable or even sleep on a long flight.

While Emirates is taking away some of the perks for its basic Business Class fares, passengers will still enjoy a high level of luxury and amenities. Travelers will still get to enjoy priority boarding, free checked bags and plenty of room to snooze.

The new fares have been available since June 10, and they will only be offered on some routes for now, based on travel demand and seasonal trends. While few routes offer the basic Business Class fare right now, this could change in the future. If this becomes popular, other airlines may also follow suit.

Emirates' new basic Business Class fare could be a great deal if you already have lounge access and don't require chauffeur services to the airport. With fares around $100 lower, on average, it could be a great deal for some.

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