To celebrate Veganuary, Emirates is offering up more vegan options on its flights for the month of January. Normally, with Emirates, you will need to pre-order vegan meals. However, the vegan options will be directly available on the menu, for flyers in certain cabin classes.

The vegan options are available to those flying in Business and First Class on flights from Dubai to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the U.S. and Addis Ababa. Those in other classes will have to request vegan meals in advance. There is one exception. Economy passengers who are flying from Dubai to Addis Ababa will have a vegan option on the inflight menu for the month of January.

There are plenty of new vegan items available including a shitake ravioli, tofu jalfrezi and a three-bean chili, among other items.

For those who are interested in dining on a vegan meal but aren't sitting in Business or First Class or flying to Addis Ababa, there is still hope. Just remember to order your vegan meal up to 24 hours in advance before your scheduled departure time. Besides requesting for vegan meals, passengers can also pick from a host of other special meal types that Emirates offers.

In the past, some may have tried veganism and found it boring or uninspiring. Times have changed, and Emirates worked with a special team of nutritionists and chefs to create perfect and delicious vegan meals, complete with vegan deserts. That's not all, the airline also introduced a special vegan cheese!

If you aren't interested in a plant-based diet, that is okay. Emirates still offers meat-based meals and will continue to do so. Though, Emirates' vegan food gets rave reviews and is worth trying.

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