Emirates has announced that starting in 2020, the carrier will begin offering seats in Premium Economy Class. The airline has stated that many of their passengers desire more from their seats than basic Economy Class, but they do not want to make the jump to Business Class. The Premium Economy Class, Emirates feels, is the answer.

The airline placed an order for 20 Airbus A380 jets at the beginning of this year. The first six of these planes are anticipated to be delivered in 2020. It is on these planes that the first Premium Economy seats will be located. The airline has not stated at this time if it will convert any of its older planes to include this seating class.

The president of the airline, Tim Clark, made it clear that the new seating will come with many benefits. He did not reveal exactly what these benefits would be, but only that Emirates passengers expect the best and that is what the airline plans to provide.

It is said that the new seating class will flow perfectly with the new design of the A380 aircraft. At this time, the airline has not disclosed how many seats will be available in each class on the new A380 planes.

The airline stated that the addition of Premium Economy was not an indicator that passengers were no longer interested in Business or First Class Seats. On the contrary, Mr. Clark revealed that demand for these seats remains very high in the Middle East, and that there would not be any reduction of these seats. He stated that the addition of this class is only to accommodate what passengers desire.

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