Emirates is pleased to share that its customers traveling to the United States will soon get to enjoy Wi-Fi, mobile connectivity and Live TV even when they are flying 40,000 feet over the North Pole and Arctic circle. This is fantastic news, especially for those who need to stay connected during flight.

As it stands, customers on Emirates flights to the United States often find themselves without access to connectivity for up to 4 hours as the aircraft flies over the polar region. The lack of connectivity during flight can be incredibly disruptive for business travelers who need to get work done.

Emirates' partner Inmarsat is striving to put an end to this problem. That said, it will actually take a few years for enhanced inflight connectivity over the North Pole and Arctic circle to become a reality for travelers. Inmarsat has plans to add two elliptical orbit satellites to provide coverage over the North Pole by 2022.

While the solution to offering better inflight connectivity is clearly not one that can be realized overnight, the Dubai-based carrier is still heartened to be leading the industry when it comes to improving what it has to offer to its customers. The carrier is working towards providing an unmatched, upgraded, seamless inflight connectivity experience across geographies.

Right now, every aircraft in Emirates' fleet is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as voice and SMS services. Live TV, on the other hand, is currently available on 175 planes including all Boeing 777 and select Airbus 380 planes. When the new elliptical orbit satellites are up and running in time to come, passengers on US-bound Emirates flights can look forward to enjoying live sports or news when flying over the polar region - an exciting development for many!

For those who do not already know, Emirates passengers in all cabin classes get to enjoy 20MB of complimentary Wi-Fi data or unlimited use of messaging apps for 2 hours during flight. What about Emirates frequent flyer program members? Emirates Skywards members get to enjoy special benefits depending on their membership tier and class of travel, including free Wi-Fi when traveling in Business Class of First Class.

Denise Bay is a staff writer at GET.com. Email: denise.bay@get.com.