Emirates is getting ready to add high-tech 4K screens to its fleet of Boeing 777X planes. The new screens will be installed and ready to go starting in 2020. The operation is being done in collaboration with a French company called Thales. The 4K screens offer a horizontal display resolution of 4,000 pixels. It all adds up to a very enhanced viewing experience for passengers.

We don't yet know what the size of the screens that will be installed on 777X planes in the Emirates fleet will be. However, the Avant system that Thales offers to airlines typically includes screens that range between 9 inches and 32 inches. It's probably safe to guess that Emirates will be going for screens that are on the larger end of that spectrum. The airline seems to be trying to offer a very optimal and hard-to-top viewing experience for passengers flying in its 777X planes. Thales has also entered into an agreement with Emirates to equip the airline's fleet of 777X planes with broadband connectivity that reaches speeds of 50 megabits per second.

The addition of 4K screens may seem like a high-tech endeavor. However, the reality is that 4K screens are quickly becoming commonplace in the airline world. These screens are even coming to the average household faster than most people realize. It is estimated that approximately half of all homes in the United States will have televisions with 4K capability by next year. People are adopting 4K technology at a much faster rate than they were willing to switch to HD technology. Airlines that fail to make the upgrade now and stay ahead of the curve will likely be scrambling to catch up in the years to come.

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