Emirates has announced it will soon begin offering passengers an opportunity to pre-select their inflight meal. The new program will allow passengers to pick their meal choice up to five days before their flight. This ensures that they get exactly what they want at meal time.

The announcement of the new service comes only days after United Airlines made the same announcement. Most large carriers are switching to pre-selection of meals to boost customer satisfaction. One of the biggest complaints by passengers when surveyed is that the meals they have chosen for dinner always seem to be unavailable and they are stuck with whatever is given to them.

Emirates already allows you to order special meals when you book your flight to meet personal dietary needs. This pre-select meal service will open up to all Emirates customers by the end of the year and hopefully eliminate that dreaded 'I am sorry, we are all out of that dish' encounter during flight.

Emirates has stated that the pre-order meal service is an option and it isn't mandatory. Passengers can still order when they board the plane or during meal service. The airline hopes that this not only increases customer satisfaction but will also reduce overall food waste.

All information was released during a discussion about inflight meals. Emirates has announced that the Dubai-based airline intends to make changes to its inflight meals to include healthier options. The airline further announced that when it launches its new Premium Economy Class seating later this year, Premium Economy passengers may be able to order their meals from the menus used in Business Class. The carrier is currently considering this option.

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