Summer travel may not be a total bust in 2020. Some European countries are opening up in time for the summer rush. Take a look at the countries that are determined to have some version of a tourist season this year.

Poland is already welcoming visitors for the summer travel season. Restrictions have been significantly reduced since May 4. The country has also opened up museums, galleries, shops and other attractions. You will need to have a mask on in all public places when touring Poland this summer.

Belgium is scheduled to open up for international visitors on June 15. Places like tourist sites and restaurants will be resuming operations on June 8. The big thing to remember if you'll be zooming over to Belgium is that you'll need to wear a mask before you'll be permitted to use public transportation.

Iceland is also due to lift restrictions for international tourists on June 15. However, anyone arriving from a foreign country will be required to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival. In addition, foreign guests need to download an app for contact tracing. You should also know that you'll be asked to stay 6.5 feet away from others in all public areas.

Authorities in Greece are optimistic that the country will be ready to resume welcoming tourists by July 1. Hints have been dropped that flights between the United States and Greece will be coming back by some point at the start of June. All people arriving in Greece right now are subject to a 14-day quarantine. However, it is expected that authorities will lift the requirement within the coming weeks. Greece will be slowly reopening shops, restaurants, hotels and attractions using a trickle method throughout June.

The European Union is backing the idea of 'tourism corridors' being established throughout Europe. This concept would allow for people to travel freely between nations that have similar COVID-19 numbers and measures. Austria, Germany and Switzerland have already created an agreement like this.

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