A new batch of attractions at American theme parks is ensuring that thrills aren't in short supply this summer. Most of us are very familiar with the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction that just opened at Disneyland this summer. However, this high-profile attraction isn't the only game in town when it comes to big thrills and cutting-edge touches. There are fun attractions to check out all over the country. Take a look at the three big thrill rides other than the Star Wars attraction.

1. The Steel Curtain at Kennywood in Pennsylvania

Don't skip a trip to Kennywood if you're in the Pennsylvania area this summer. The newly unveiled Steel Curtain is a cutting-edge, high-thrills coaster that gets its name from the iconic defensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers from the 1970s. This coaster sets several records. It serves up the most inversions of any coaster in North America. In addition, it is the tallest coaster in Pennsylvania and the tallest looping roller coaster in the world.

2. Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure

This fun coaster attraction takes riders through the famed Forbidden Forest of the Harry Potter universe. It features an amazing terrain full of curves and surprises. The coaster boasts an incredible seven launches in total. Potter fans will be pleased to have Hagrid as their guide on the ride!

3. THE LEGO® MOVIE™ WORLD at Legoland Florida

It's a good summer for exploring a wonderland of blocks. Enter Bricksburg and see one of your favorite movies come to life through fun surprises and character experiences. The attraction's Triple Decker Flying Couch will take you around and provide you with a whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

These three attractions offer more than enough fun to get you through the summer. However, something else very fun is also coming soon. Universal Orlando just announced last week that it intends to develop a new theme park called Universal's Epic Universe. Not many details have been released so far. However, many fans are excited about the idea that this new attraction could potentially feature the Super Nintendo World that Universal said would be coming. Stay tuned!

Scott Dylan is a contributing writer at GET.com and has been to (almost) every country in North, Central and South America with nothing more than a backpack, a laptop and the desire to explore. He speaks Spanish fluently and has logged enough time in planes, trains, rideshares, buses, taxis and rickshaws to know how to rack up rewards and points to get anywhere his heart desires for pennies on the dollar. Email: scott.dylan@get.com.