Many travelers don't even bother eating during their flight. This is especially true for those traveling long distances as they prefer to instead work, relax and sleep during their time in the skies. Fiji Airways is doing something about that to curb food wastage.

The airline will begin serving meals before boarding to those in Business Class as well as passengers with access to the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge. The meal service is called Dine on the Ground, and it promises a gourmet meal before the flight.

Besides letting travelers maximize their rest time in the air, the carrier hopes to reduce food wastage. Fiji Airways found from its research that 31 percent of passengers from Australia opted to skip their in-flight meals in a bid to get more shut-eye. This resulted in a lot of food (up to 38%) being thrown out.

Dine on the Ground meals are now available on morning flights from Nadi to Sydney as well as Brisbane. Travelers on evening flights out of Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide to Nadi will also enjoy Dine on the Ground meals. The meals will be offered in the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge, shortly prior to boarding time. So far, the airline doesn't have any plans to introduce the service for flights to and from the United States.

Business Class passengers will still enjoy onboard food, but lighter options such as soups, tapas, salads, fruit bowls and paninis will be served instead.

While some may enjoy the comfort of eating in the lounge, travelers who are pressed for time might not appreciate the option of not getting a full meal on the plane. However, the good news is that flights between Australia and Fiji aren't that long, and the available on-board snacks should tide anyone over.

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