Travelers have been desperate to get a glimpse inside the new TWA Hotel at John F. Kennedy International Airport ever since it was announced that the trendy establishment would be moving in. The world finally got its first look at the new TWA Hotel in mid April when a model guestroom was unveiled. The room did not disappoint on any level. Onlookers were dazzled by a space that was dripping in retro glamour and modern comfort. Take a look at what guests can expect when the TWA Hotel at New York's busiest airport opens its doors to guests.

A Sneak Peek Inside the New TWA Hotel at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport

What can you expect from a hotel that is being designed on a piece of property that has been declared a New York City landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places? The guestroom that was unveiled last month shows that the new TWA Hotel is destined to be one of the most stylish places to stay in New York City.

There is no denying that the inspiration for the hotel's interior comes from the glamour of Hollywood in the 1960's. The model room that was shown to the public reveals a design that includes a martini bar, a rotary phone, a fridge stocked with vintage sodas and a vanity pulled straight out of classic Hollywood movies. Little touches like rich wood tones and brass accessories create a very warm and luxurious feeling. The bathroom attached to the model room shines with help from terrazzo tiles and state-of-the-art fixtures. Of course, the interior of the room is just the beginning.

Guests will be just as interested in what's going on outside their windows when staying at this hotel. The rooms inside the new hotel will feature windows that look out over the airport's former Saarinen terminal or provide views of flights preparing for departure at the airfield. These windows are soundproof and they extend from floor to ceiling. Guests can also look forward to some great experiences beyond their hotel rooms when staying at the new TWA Hotel. The property will feature six restaurants and eight bars.

When Can Guests Begin Staying at the New TWA Hotel at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport?

There's no doubt that the glimpse provided of the new TWA Hotel that's set to open in New York has travelers eager to experience all that this property has to offer. However, it will be almost a full year before guests can actually snag their own rooms and experience the style, class and luxury that this hotel is promising.

The TWA Hotel will open at some point in the spring of 2019. No specific opening date has been provided as of right now. However, what is known is that the hotel will have a total of 512 rooms for guests to enjoy once it begins operations. The average room size in the hotel will be 325 square feet. In addition, 44 larger suites with up to 1,200 square feet of space will be available.

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