Airlines around the world are canceling flights at an alarming rate due to government travel bans or lost capacity. If your flight has been canceled under these circumstances, there are several things you must understand.

- Due to the coronavirus, most airlines are giving automatic refunds to passengers who were booked on a flight for a future date or given the option for rescheduling the flight with no associated fees.

- If you are stranded because your return flight was canceled, regardless of where you are in the world, the airline has an obligation to get you home. The airline must put you on another flight, even if it is with another carrier to return you home.

- If your return flight is canceled and you accept a refund for that flight, the airline is no longer obligated to get you home. If you are trying to manage your return flight yourself, you may find this difficult because of all the cancelations. It is more beneficial to allow the airline to reschedule your flight home.

- If you are forced to stay overnight due to the flight cancelling and rebooking, the airline should provide you with a place to stay and a complimentary meal.

- If your flight was part of a vacation package, you will most likely receive a complete refund for the entire package from the business that sold you the vacation deal. However, if you have not been offered a full refund, you may need to contact the airline and hotels individually to secure a refund.

- If you have booked a hotel stay associated with your future flights, contact the hotel directly. There are many different options for you concerning refunds or rebooking.

Contact the airlines directly when you have a concern. Just remember, once you have accepted a refund, the airline is no longer obligated to get you home.

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