There's no better perk than getting free Wi-Fi in the skies. Air Canada is tapping into the desire for Wi-Fi by offering a very generous perk for elite members of its Altitude loyalty program. This update is sure to leave business travelers relieved over the fact that they won't need to pay for Wi-Fi while flying. However, anyone considering jumping on the option to enjoy free Wi-Fi should take a look at all of the details of the offer before signing up.

A Closer Look at the Free Wi-Fi Being Offering by Air Canada

The free Wi-Fi that will be offered to elite travelers on Air Canada's flights will be provided through a company called Gogo. Air Canada is making an effort to provide qualifying passengers with an easy and simple way to manage their Wi-Fi perks. Passengers won't need to remember to request Wi-Fi for each flight. The airline will instead allow elite passengers to select their Wi-Fi preferences ahead of time when they select year-end loyalty bonuses. The free Wi-Fi privilege can be selected for 6 months or 12 months. The number of months a member is allowed to receive free Wi-Fi will be determined by how many miles that member travels per year.

How many miles must an elite member of the Altitude program fly to enjoy free Wi-Fi access on flights? Members who fly 75,000 miles in a year will be given the option to enjoy free Wi-Fi access on flights for six months. Members with top-tier flying status in the Altitude program will be given 12 months of free Wi-Fi service on flights.

Is There a Catch?

Free Wi-Fi access on Air Canada flights does come with some stipulations. This perk doesn't come automatically to every qualifying member. Eligible members must actually choose free Wi-Fi as their preferred perk. This means that they will have to give up another one of the program's perks in order to select the option to have free Wi-Fi access on flights for a period of 6 or 12 months. This could detract from the benefit of being able to enjoy free Wi-Fi access for members who have already grown accustomed to using other popular benefits offered by the program.

How Much Could Passengers Save With Free Wi-Fi?

Air Canada's option for free Wi-Fi is a generous perk that could save frequent travelers hundreds of dollars per year. A monthly connection plan on Gogo would normally cost passengers $49.99 per month. This means that a frequent traveler would spend $600 to be covered for an entire year of in-flight Wi-Fi access.

Does this make the free Wi-Fi option a perk that's worth giving up other perks for? That will depend on a particular passenger's flying habits. It may not be worth giving up perks like extra reward credits or free elite status for a friend for many elite passengers. It is likely that many passengers will still continue to pay for Wi-Fi rather than give up the other valuable perks that are already offered by Air Canada.

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