Do you live a jet set life? No matter if you travel regularly for fun or business, it is always a good idea to sniff out ways to make each dollar you spend on travel go further. After all, being savvy with your hard earned money will only do you plenty of good.

If you travel frequently but don't already own a solid travel credit card or two, definitely take some time to sieve through some of our top travel credit card picks to find one that suits your lifestyle and needs most. We have rounded them up below for your easy reference.

Depending on what kind of travel benefits you are looking for and the kind of credit card rewards you want to earn, the travel credit card that best suits you may very well differ from the one that best suits your buddy or colleague.

That's not all, different travel-oriented credit cards offer different perks and the way they work may not be the same either. Some are rewarding yet awesome for beginner travelers while others may be less straightforward in nature, albeit rewarding.

Keep in mind some rewards credit cards let you earn rewards on every purchase you make with the card, not just on travel purchases. There are also credit cards on the market that offer an expansive array of travel perks - including free airport lounge access - while others may be quite basic.

If you tend to travel outside of the United States, definitely keep an eye out for credit cards with no foreign transaction fees! Avoiding foreign transaction fees that quickly add up means you can channel those money elsewhere, such as paying for meals, groceries, gas or even saving them in the bank.

Plus, some of them come with no annual fees whereas others may cost anywhere from under $100 a year to a couple of hundreds of dollars each year. In general, prestigious travel credit cards usually offer a lot of valuable perks although they come with hefty annual fees. Whether or not you should fork out so much money to use these credit cards greatly depends on how much value you place on those built-in benefits as well as your ability to earn rewards using those credit cards.

However, that's not to say you should avoid no annual fee credit cards at all costs. In fact, some of the no annual fee credit cards are pretty rewarding in their own right! You just need to find the one that's right for you.

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