Google's travel website unveiled an update last week. Users can now use Google's exclusive tools to plan their trips more easily. The newest features showcase the most and least expensive times of the year to visit specific destinations. There's also updated information regarding weather conditions in specific places.

Anyone who was already familiar with Google's old travel website will notice a few obvious changes when they visit. The biggest change involves new tabs that put three options on display once you search a destination. The three options cover where to stay, when to visit and what you'll pay. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  • The 'where to stay' option populates your screen with recommendations for hotels.
  • The 'when to visit' option provides information regarding details like weather, price trends and peak popularity.
  • The 'what you'll pay' option provides detailed information regarding the price ranges you can expect for hotel rooms.

Not every destination has been updated to provide dynamic information yet. It appears that Google is still probably working on updating destinations that are more remote. However, you'll be able to gather information regarding almost any popular or mainstream destination if you use the updated Google travel website today.

Google's updated travel website is especially useful for anyone with some freedom regarding when they can book travel. The resources provided by Google give you a 'big picture' to look at when considering things like pricing and crowds. There's no doubt that popular third-party booking platforms are sweating over the fact that Google is using its powerful information-gathering tools to expand its reach into the travel market.

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