Hampton by Hilton just reached a huge milestone. The brand now operates 2,500 hotels around the world. Hampton by Hilton was able to reach this impressive number with help from the new Hampton by Hilton Lima San Isidro property in Peru. Hampton by Hilton is currently the largest hotel brand in the Hilton portfolio. Guests have around 260,000 rooms throughout 27 countries and territories to choose from when booking rooms with Hampton by Hilton.

Hampton by Hilton isn't done growing. It has been confirmed that the brand has more than 700 properties in the pipeline at the moment. These new properties will add close to 95,000 more rooms for guests to book.

North America currently serves as the biggest market for the Hampton by Hilton brand. In fact, 2,250 of the 2,500 properties belonging to Hampton by Hilton are located within the United States, Canada, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Needless to say, guests can book rooms at Hampton by Hilton properties in all 50 states across the country.

Hampton by Hilton has also been expanding in Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the Middle East in recent years. Asia is also quickly becoming one of the hottest markets for Hampton by Hilton. More than 260 hotels and 40,000 rooms are in the pipeline in China alone. Those are impressive numbers to look at when you consider that Hampton by Hilton opened its first property in China just four years ago.

Hampton by Hilton didn't become a hit among travelers by accident. Each Hampton by Hilton property offers perks like free hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi and personalized service. The hotel brand also customizes each property using locally inspired touches.

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