Starting in February of 2020, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas will close for eight months. The property will be renovated and rebranded as the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas.

Previously, the plan was to close the hotel for only four months and do some of the renovations while it stayed open. However, it was determined that the hotel will be completely closed for eight months to ensure the best experience for guests. While the exact closure date has not been provided, reports have it that hotel will shut down for renovations after February 2, 2020.

Guests should be pleased once the renovations are completed. All 1,500 guest rooms will get an overhaul and be renovated. The hotel will also house more restaurants, a refined 5-acre pool deck and an ultra lounge. The casino floor will also be expanded. The property will also offer more events and conference space.

The original price tag on the renovation was going to be $150 million, but that has since been increased; the new budget is $200 million. No new specifics were given about what upgrades or additions will be done with the extra $50 million budgeted.

The hotel should open no later than January 2021. The plan is to hold a lavish reopening ceremony after the 2020 presidential election, which falls on November 3. Those who wish to visit the hotel or have reservations before next February don't have to worry. Sin City's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino will remain open for business as usual until then.

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