Most of us consider Hawaii to be its own perfect bubble away from the world. However, there's now talk of creating actual 'tourist' bubbles where island visitors can enjoy quarantine-style vacations! Hawaiian officials had originally planned to introduce a pre-testing program this week that would allow travelers who test negative for COVID-19 to forgo quarantine. However, the start date for the program has been pushed to September. As a result, quarantine requirements are still in effect for Hawaii. Officials are now looking at the idea of allowing visitors to roam freely within what are being referred to as "resort bubbles" upon arrival in the state.

All of the details of these resort bubbles have not yet been worked out. For instance, we don't know how the resorts involved would handle communal spaces like swimming pools, saunas, shops and restaurants. There's also no word yet on how many resorts would participate in the program. However, the plan would involve tightly controlled environments where contact between each resort and the outside world would be minimal. Officials on Hawaii Island, Maui and Kauai are currently throwing their support behind the idea of at least exploring the option of creating tourist bubbles until COVID-19 is no longer a threat.

Many in Hawaii's tourism industry are eager to open up the state to more vacationers in the months ahead. Bookings at hotels and resorts throughout Hawaii's islands have been slow since March. All incoming visitors are currently required to quarantine inside their hotel rooms for 14 days prior to venturing outside. However, the requirement does not apply to visitors who are already in the state when hopping between islands.

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