Customers could have a lot to gain if an application filed by Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines gains approval. The airlines are petitioning the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) to seek immunity from antitrust laws. The two airlines would like to create a joint venture. Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines are estimating that the venture will allow the two airlines to transport between 162,000 and 350,000 more passengers to Hawaii annually. What's more, the United States economy could gain an additional $184.5 million to $402.3 million as a result of the joint venture. Approval could also mean that between 1,855 and 4,049 jobs could be created in the United States.

The proposed venture between Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines is significant because it will become the first airline-based joint venture in the United States that does not include one of the nation's three major carriers if it does receive approval. Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines already established a codeshare agreement back in March. The proposed venture would build on that existing relationship. The two airlines would be permitted to share marketing and sales efforts. What's more, costs and revenue could be divided up for routes that are included as part of the joint venture.

What Customers Have to Gain From the Joint Venture Between Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines are touting the idea that consumers will ultimately win if the two airlines are permitted to form a joint venture. The airlines are promoting the notion that the increased efficiency that will occur as a result of the venture will lead to lower fares, expanded flight capacity and more choices for travelers.

Of course, the tourism industry in Hawaii probably has the most to gain from the proposed joint venture. Visitors from Japan will have more options for visiting Hawaii if the deal is approved. This could help to give the Hawaiian tourism industry a nice boost. In addition, travelers from Hawaii's islands will have more options for traveling to Japan and other destinations throughout Asia.

More Routes Are on the Horizon for Travelers

Travelers can look forward to more routes opening up if Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines are permitted to join forces. The proposed deal would give Hawaiian Airlines the ability to offer access to 34 destinations throughout Japan. The list of popular hubs that would be open to travelers includes Nagoya and Okinawa. Japan Airlines will be able to offer travelers direct flights to Honolulu from some airports.

When Can Travelers Expect an Answer Regarding the Proposed Joint Venture?

Passengers will have to be patient when it comes to getting an answer regarding the proposed joint venture between Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines. The two airlines hope to gain government approval before the end of 2018. The joint venture is expected to launch before the middle of 2019 if no hurdles are encountered.

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