Hawaiian Airlines is pulling off a throwback. The carrier plans to restart a defunct route between Honolulu and Japan. The new option could be available by as early as November. However, Hawaiian Airlines is currently waiting on government approval from the United States and Japan.

What will the new flight between Honolulu and Japan look like? Hawaiian Airlines is planning to launch four weekly flights between Honolulu International Airport and Kyushu Fukuoka Airport. You may already know that Kyushu is actually a Japanese island. That means that this route allows travelers to get from island to island while avoiding any mainland hubs.

This isn't the first time that Hawaiian Airlines has offered service to Fukuoka. The carrier actually offered service to Fukuoka for two years before suspending service in 2014. Declining passenger counts were to blame for why that route was ultimately canceled. However, a lot has changed in the five years since the route fell out of favor with customers. The travel industry throughout Asia is as hot as it has ever been. Many first-time airline customers are looking for new and exciting places to visit.

Hawaiian Airlines is in the process of distinguishing its route offerings in response to Southwest's recent entry into the Hawaiian market. Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue and other carriers that had previously ruled the Hawaiian market were forced to offer discounted rates in response to Southwest's arrival in Hawaii in March. However, Hawaiian Airlines won't win by pricing its tickets lower than Southwest. It is clear that offering dynamic and desirable routes will be the way the carrier thrives in the face of competition.

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