Hawaiian Airlines announced that it has selected two different companies to manufacture the seats in its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner planes that are set to enter service in 2021. Adient Aerospace will create the lie-flat seating for the premium cabins while Collins Aerospace will develop the seating for the Main Cabin.

Adient Aerospace will focus its design on creating more luxurious seating options for travelers. Using the double seat approach, Adient will create lie-flat seating that can easily accommodate couples who wish to recline and relax as they fly over the Pacific. The new seating design is wider than standard lie-flat seating, even for single seats, and is specifically designed for the 787 Dreamliner. Adient Aerospace is striving to create an exceptional experience for premium cabin travelers who wish to enjoy luxury travel in comfort either individually or with their family.

Collins Aerospace is one of the leading manufacturers of airline seats and will bring its newest technologies to the Hawaiian Airlines aircraft. Collins Aerospace will construct the seats out of lightweight materials that have been shown to provide more comfort to passengers who need to sit for extended periods of time.

The new Main Cabin seats have more shoulder and hip room than previous designs and are ergonomically designed to provide comfort to the back and the arms. The large back area of the seats gives the airline the opportunity to install larger entertainment screen for Main Cabin passengers as well. What's more, there are also ample storage options for passengers to enjoy with the new design.

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