Hawaiian Airlines has announced it will add a Basic Economy class to its flights starting in 2019. The airline currently offers Premium Cabin, Extra Comfort, and Main Cabin seats for passengers. Its version of Basic Economy is known as Main Cabin Basic. The move has been anticipated since it was announced that Southwest Airlines would officially start serving the Hawaiian Islands in 2019. Nevertheless, Hawaiian Airlines has not given an exact date when these discounted seats will be made available.

The restrictions governing Main Cabin Basic tickets will be very similar to those enacted by the three mainland legacy carriers, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines. Passengers can expect to board the plane last and will have limited carry-on privileges as well as restrictions on their seats. Seat assignments will most likely not be guaranteed. Also, if the airline follows suit, these Main Cabin Basic tickets will not be available for refund, exchange or upgrade. It is also believed that these tickets will have restrictions on how miles or rewards can be earned on flights.

On another note, Hawaiian Airlines has revealed that it will be upgrading and modernizing its space at Honolulu's Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. Over the next two years, the airline will put in new ticket counters and security lanes, upgrade the baggage system and add more gates. Each of these much-needed changes will be implemented to boost the customer experience positively.

Finally, for those who do not already know, new flights between Sacramento and Maui as well as between Honolulu and Boston will be added to Hawaiian Airlines' roster next year.

The airline believes that the addition of the Basic Economy seats will be helpful to travelers who are looking for a quick and easy flight between Hawaii and the mainland. These discounted seats are meant for light travelers who are not concerned with many of the amenities that higher priced seating offers. It is likely both passengers and the airline will benefit from these Main Cabin Basic seats.

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