Last October, Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines announced an enhanced partnership. In this partnership, the airlines planed to offer easier access to each other's flights as well as airport lounges. In this agreement, Hawaiian would benefit greatly as its passengers would be able to visit more destinations in Asia. Japan Airlines entered into the agreement as a way to offer more to its passengers who want to visit the popular island.

Well, the first phase of the new and improved partnership has just begun, and Hawaiian Airlines has launched the sale of tickets for codeshare flights. This is already live and applies for flights that started Sunday, March 25. With the first phase of the partnership, travelers on both airlines will benefit greatly.

Here are some of the best perks that come with the first phase of the partnership:

  • Eligible flyers on both airlines have access to each other's lounges
  • Japan Airlines flyers will now have access to 170 daily flights in Hawaiian Airlines' network
  • Hawaiian Airlines customers will have access to 47 destinations that Japan Airlines and its subsidiaries offer - including 36 destinations in Japan and 11 international ** Subject to government approval
  • Ability to earn frequent flyer miles on codeshare flights

While Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines are working together, they have bigger plans. Both airlines want to expand and improve their partnership via an antitrust immunity agreement. The airlines plan on filing their requests with authorities in both countries in April.

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