Officials for Heathrow Airport announced they hope to have new technology in place by 2022 that will allow passengers to move through security checkpoints faster. The new CT scanning technology enables security officials to see the inside of a carry-on bag easily, including the ability to distinguish liquids and electronics.

This new scanning technology could eliminate the need for passengers to remove their laptops from their bags or any medicines or liquids that they may be carrying. It would not change the amounts of liquids allowed on planes, but it could change the need to package them differently as well as cut the amount of time travelers spend in airport security queues.

For people traveling with medications, this will be a most welcome change. Prescriptions often have to be packed in small amounts and set apart from other personal items so that security officials can examine them. The introduction of the new 3D CT scanners could eliminate this hassle.

The airport has stated that it will invest over £50 million into bringing this technology across four terminals at London Heathrow Airport over the next few years. Airport officials believe that this will significantly improve security and reduce times for passengers waiting in security lines.

New York JFK and Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam also use this technology. Both airports have reported that the technology has improved performance for security and has reduced security line wait times.

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