Brand Finance is reporting that Hilton has beaten Marriott to possess the world's most valuable brand portfolio. The value of the Hilton portfolio grew by 17 percent this year. The brand's total profile is now worth an impressive $14.7 billion. Hilton's value rose with help from a big increase in revenue during the last year. What's more, three of the hotel brands seeing the fastest growth at the moment are part of the Hilton portfolio. Those hotel brands are Homewood Suites, DoubleTree and Hampton.

Hilton is certainly riding high at the moment. However, the same can't exactly be said for its biggest rival. Marriott actually suffered a reduction in brand value totaling 8 percent. The combined brand worth now stands at $12.9 billion. That certainly isn't bad. However, it's not enough to keep up with or overtake soaring Hilton. Hilton's value is currently beating Marriott's value by almost $2 billion.

What does the Marriott portfolio have to blame for its decrease in value? The brand has faced some unique challenges in recent times. One of those challenges was a high-profile hacking scandal that shook customer confidence. You may remember it was revealed last fall that personal information belonging to as many as 500 million guests was compromised. Some individual hotels in the Marriott portfolio are also helping to drag down the brand. In fact, seven out of the 10 brands with the poorest numbers are part of Marriott's portfolio.

Wyndham came in at third place for brand value this year. The brand actually saw its value drop by 8 percent. The value of Wyndham currently stands at $7.3 billion.

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