The Hilton Honors program is welcoming some changes this January. Are you ready? The good news is that the changes are all looking pretty positive. However, you shouldn't mistake these small changes for a huge shakeup in the Hilton Honors program. What we're looking at here are some small changes that could provide extra benefits for some Hilton guests. Let's dig in to see what's new with Hilton Honors for 2020.

The first change that members will notice is that Hilton is updating how you earn base points. Hilton Honors is doing away with the limit on how many base points members can earn. You may already know that the previous limit was 100,000 base points for each stay. Of course, very few guests will actually go beyond 100,000 points because going over 100,000 points essentially means going over $10,000.

The next change is pretty exciting. Hilton was previously allowing Hilton Honors members to earn points for up to two rooms per each stay. However, members can earn points for up to four rooms with the new updates. This perk is only going to kick in if you're booking multi-room reservations. That means that you'll want to be the one doing the booking if you're traveling with a group of friends or family.

Hilton is also putting out more points for general spending across its brands. Incidental spending did not contribute to your point-earning potential up until this month. However, that has changed. Members can now earn points for incidentals across all brands in the Hilton portfolio. Don't forget that Hilton Honors is running a promotion for 'unlimited' points between now and May 3, too!

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