Are you a low-activity to medium-activity traveler? Hilton wants your loyalty. What's more, the hotel giant is willing to work very hard to get it. Hilton Hotels & Resorts is currently enjoying huge growth within its Hilton Honors loyalty program. The growth is no doubt the result of a huge effort to promote engagement. In fact, engagement among members of Hilton's loyalty program is double what it was just six years ago. This is the year that Hilton Honors reached an amazing 94 million members.

How is Hilton pulling this all off? Hilton gave its loyalty program a serious retooling back in 2017. You may remember that Hilton actually added enhanced spending tools for members who had managed to accrue big point balances. The changes made it possible for elite members to use points to pay for travel or everyday purchases like orders made via Amazon. However, the view forward isn't necessarily focused on pleasing point-rich members. Hilton's next strategy actually revolves around courting low-activity members.

Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta wants low-level customers to know that he's thinking about them. The CEO revealed that new plans are in place to do more to engage these customers during the hotel brand's recent 2019 earnings call. It may seem obvious that Hilton would cater to customers looking to book stays in exotic parts of the world. However, those aren't the plans everybody makes. More will be done to offer perks and services that cater to travelers who are doing more mundane things like booking weekend getaways with a spouse or finding hotel accommodations for a kid's out-of-town soccer match.

Don't expect Hilton to abandon its high-level customers at any point soon. In fact, Hilton has big plans in place for luxury travelers. More than 30 new luxury properties are currently being developed around the globe. We know that 25 of those properties are scheduled to open by 2025.

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