Want to treat your little ones or yourself to the ultimate Barbie® experience? Now's your chance to book a Barbie glamping suite at Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe. Available from this month through the end of 2019, the Barbie suite will let guests enjoy a Barbie-filled experience unlike any other, right from the moment they arrive at the hotel.

The Barbie-themed suite has been specially created in partnership with Mattel to celebrate the world-famous fashion doll's 60th anniversary. According to Hilton, the glamorous Barbie-themed room and package took about 20 weeks to materialize, from conceptualization to its design and production.

Welcoming guests at the hotel entrance is an oversized version of Barbie's iconic pink shoe. This is where guests can stop by for a fun Insta-worthy photoshoot before they check into the hotel. To make the experience more exquisite, guests can then strut down the pink carpet that leads to the front desk for check-in.

Within the themed Barbie suite, guests can marvel at the collection of rare Barbie dolls from the past 60 years as well as a ton of other Barbie memorabilia. A life-sized Barbie-inspired DreamCamper awaits young guests in the connecting themed room. The Barbie-inspired camper comprises a bunk bed perfect for little ones to play dress-up and sleep in. Parents can find their dedicated space in the other room with vintage Barbie décor. As with the main living areas in the suite, the bathroom has also been done up in Barbie fashion.

Barbie's footprints can be found in other parts of Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe besides the Barbie-themed suite. For instance, the pool features a Barbie-themed area; the lobby houses several dolls; the hotel's signature restaurant, MADERA, has Barbie-inspired bites on offer, such as heart-shaped pizzas and gnocchi in pink sauce.

For those who are wondering, Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe is nestled in the heart of Mexico City's major business district. How much will the Barbie-themed glamping experience cost? Weekday nightly rates start at $189 while weekend nightly rates start at $229. If you or your little ones are huge fans of Barbie, then this once-in-a-lifetime experience should be right up your alley. Part of the experience, all Barbie glamping guests will receive a welcome kit featuring amenities from Colgate and Avon.

Denise Bay is a staff writer at GET.com. Email: denise.bay@get.com.