There's one less route available for getting between Asia and Los Angeles. Hong Kong Airlines just announced that it will be halting its service to Los Angeles this winter. The four-times-per-week route will stop on Feb. 8 of next year. However, Hong Kong Airlines has made it clear that the route could be pulled even earlier than the planned date if demand remains low.

Hong Kong Airlines is apparently doing away with its route to Los Angeles as part of a cost-cutting move. The airline's decision to cut the Los Angeles route also means the end of service to the United States. Los Angeles is actually the only destination in the United States that Hong Kong Airlines currently serves.

What should you do if you have a flight booked to or from Los Angeles using Hong Kong Airlines? The carrier has stated that impacted passengers will be offered options for alternative travel arrangements. Of course, it would be useful to contact the airline regarding your reservation as soon as possible if you will be impacted. We also have word that Hong Kong Airlines will be making frequency changes on routes to Vancouver, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Osaka, Nanjing, Okinawa, Sapporo, Haikou and Hangzhou.

Where does the exit of Hong Kong Airlines from the American market leave us? Passengers do have some other options. Both Cathay Pacific and American Airlines currently offer nonstop flights between Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Hong Kong Airlines has been facing some pretty big problems in recent months. The protests in Hong Kong have impacted many airlines intensely, including Hong Kong Airlines. The decline in the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong as a result of the current political unrest may have played a big role in the carrier's decision to cancel its route to Los Angeles.

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