If your aim is to milk the most rewards out of your rewards credit cards, it is crucial that you go about it in a wise manner. Having the right knowledge and adopting certain good habits will go a long way in making sure your rewards really count. Below, we at GET.com share some great tips on how you can up the probability of you winning the rewards credit card game.

1. Shoot for credit cards that let you earn unlimited rewards that do not expire

While there are many rewards credit cards on the market that let you earn rewards points, miles or cash back, it is always a good idea to get one that lets you earn unlimited rewards that do not have an expiration date. Even better, go for one that also lets you earn a generous sign-up bonus offer while you are at it.

A rewards credit card that allows you to earn rewards without any cap or expiration date is fantastic. It lets you rack up rewards at your own pace without the pressure associated with knowing that your rewards may vanish at a certain point in time just because you have not accumulated enough to redeem them for something you truly want.

Keep in mind rewards credit cards that let you earn unlimited rewards that do not expire require you to keep your credit card account active. Using your credit card regularly is an easy way to ensure this happens.

2. Don't write off no annual fee cards

Although some of the top-tier rewards credit cards offer plenty of amazing perks and benefits, they usually come with high annual fees. Be that as it may, there are no annual fee credit cards that can be rewarding in their own way if you pick the right one that best suits your lifestyle needs.

3. Charge your purchases to your credit card whenever possible

Depending on the rewards credit card you hold, you may earn accelerated rewards when you spend on certain categories. That's a wonderful thing if you routinely spend on those categories that let you earn rewards at a quicker rate. Nonetheless, many good rewards credit cards also let you earn rewards on every eligible dollar you spend, regardless of whether you are paying for groceries, gas or restaurant purchases.

The very fact that almost everything you purchase on a day to day basis has the potential to help you rack up rewards is reason enough for you to use your card when making payment instead of whipping out cash. Remember, your purchases add up and so will the potential rewards you get to earn!

4. Always pay your credit card balance in full punctually

This is the most important thing you need to do to make sure all your hard-earned credit card rewards retain their value. Paying your credit card balance in full every month before its due date is the only way to avoid a bunch of nasty fees and hefty interest charges that are more than capable of snowballing quickly. Never ever carry a balance and avoid making minimum payments, too. You do not want to let those fees and charges erode the value of your credit card rewards, do you?

Denise Bay is a staff writer at GET.com. Email: denise.bay@get.com.