You were not mistaken if you ever thought you had better sleep at home than when you were on holiday. A global study commissioned by IHG Hotels & Resorts released on World Sleep Day reveals that about 80% of travelers have a hard time sleeping when they are away from home most, if not all the time. While there are plenty of reasons contributing to travelers' struggles when it comes to getting some shut-eye, such as being in a different environment, unfamiliar noises and sounds or working late, a lack of sleep remains a real and primary concern for many travelers like you and I.

And that, is reason why IHG is now piloting a new lighting technology - the JOURNI™ Mobile Task Light - to help its guests sleep better. IHG has entered into a partnership with Healthe® by Lighting Science, a global leader in innovative LED lighting solutions, to pilot the use of state-of-the-art circadian lighting to help its guests sleep better when they are traveling.

The hotel giant is trialing the new lighting technology at Crowne Plaza® Atlanta Airport.
Featuring Healthe®'s specially designed and patented GoodDay® and GoodNight® spectrum technologies, the JOURNI™ Mobile Task Light offers users access to the alertness and focus-enhancing spectrum during the day, as well as the warm, sleep-enhancing spectrum at night. It is fuss-free to use and guests can easily adjust the light according to their needs at different time of the day.

Put simply, the versatile JOURNI™ Mobile Task Light works to help users regulate their body's circadian rhythm or 24-hour internal body clock that affects crucial biological functions the likes of sleep, hormone levels, body temperature and metabolism. Circadian rhythms have the ability to influence one's sleep-wake cycles and even eating habits and digestion.

IHG has not stated when the trial period for the JOURNI™ Mobile Task Light will end at Crowne Plaza® Atlanta Airport or which other IHG properties will have the innovative lighting technology installed next. If the pilot is a success, we should see the JOURNI™ Mobile Task Light being rolled out at more IHG properties in time to come.

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