COVID-19 has made most of us more wary about spending our hard earned money mindlessly. In just four weeks, approximately 22 million people in America have filed claims for unemployment benefits. This staggering figure is poised to rise even higher if the situation doesn't improve sooner rather than later.

While we are merely being sensible to postpone those wants on our wish lists as we try our best to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic unscathed albeit frustrated, there are ways to make every dollar we spend on necessities such as food, grocery and household supplies go further.

Besides looking for discounts and coupon codes to bring down the total we have to fork out for takeouts, grocery and household supplies, gas, streaming services etc, you might want to consider using rewards credit cards that give you miles or cash back for every dollar you spend on those things.

It's always a good idea to be extra savvy when it comes to money matters, don't you think? Depending on the rewards credit card or cash back credit card you hold, the amount of rewards you stand to earn per $1 spent can vary. Some credit cards are just more rewarding than others since they are designed to be different in the first place.

The credit cards we've rounded up for your easy reference below allow cardholders to earn unlimited rewards on every dollar they spend on eligible purchases. The best thing is that they all do not have annual fees at all. However, to make sure your rewards really count, always make it a point to pay off all your credit card balances by their due date - this is especially important as it helps you avoid extra fees and charges altogether!

Stay home, stay safe and be savvy with your money.

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