Japan Airlines (JAL) is stepping into the future in a very big way. The Asian airline is partnering with a firm called Accenture to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to mainstream air travel. The two companies are in the process of developing a cutting-edge service that will actually use AI to reply to passenger requests and make the process of checking in much quicker.

How will new AI technology from Japan Airlines work once it's up and running? The service that the airline has planned will be able to assess and translate what agents at check-in counters are trying to communicate to passengers. The technology behind the service will be capable of displaying relevant information on tablets that are used by agents on a real-time basis. Information will be taken from the airline's knowledge database in order to answer questions quickly and efficiently. That includes queries related to things like baggage pick-up locations, connecting flights, seat upgrades and lounge locations.

When will you be able to check out the new AI-driven technology from Japan Airlines? The airline is actually doing a pilot run of its new AI-driven service at select check-in counters at Tokyo's Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport from now through the end of March. The results of this pilot run will determine how Japan Airlines actually implements the service across its operations. Passengers flying with Japan Airlines in the future can ultimately look forward to speedier check-in processes and much less stress when they arrive at airports.

Japan Airlines already uses AI to keep its planes full of passengers. The carrier has a special passenger-management system that relies on artificial intelligence to adjust prices and maximize revenue for each flight. It is clear Japan Airlines now wants to adopt the same level of technology to add more value for customers by speeding up the check-in process across the board.

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